Puppy mills and backyard breeders vs. responsible breeders.

 Does it really matter where you get a puppy, as long as you find the breed you want? The answer is yes, it does matter. Even if you are not planning to breed your dog to produce winning show dogs or dependable working dogs, it is essential to seek out a breeder who strives to improve the breed with each litter. Ignoring this concern can lead to sad times in your home. A puppy mill is a breeding operation where dogs are produced for profit, and the animals are at risk. These operations often provide only the minimum requirements to keep a dog alive and able to breed. Dogs often live their lives in cages, rather than with human companionship. Puppies produced in this situation miss vital experiences they need during their early weeks, and they are exposed to experiences that harm their emotional stability for later. Leaving the mother and littermates too early can result in biting problems, since the pup missed early bite inhibition that needs to happen in the litter. Here's why: Be